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Union Jack can provide one-on-one service with professional Concourse d'Elegance craftsmanship and restoration.

Union Jack British Auto Restoration & Repairs builds and restores classic cars, catering to our customer’s dreams and desires, whether it involves Concourse participation or casual driving. We are justly famous for our meticulous restorations of British sports cars—Austin-Healeys, MG, Triumph, Jaguars, Mini Coopers, and more—but we restore and repair all makes, foreign and domestic, sports cars and sedans, even trucks.

  • Concourse d'Elegance craftsmanship for those wanting to restore/repair treasured cars to like-new perfection.

  • Complete antique auto restoration and repair, all expertly done under one roof.

  • Personalized, professional service with regular progress review meetings and life-long customer support.

  • Skilled in the restoration and repair of classic Chevy, Ford, Plymouth, Buick, and other domestic cars and trucks.

Services Include:

  • Complete Restoration and Repair

  • Engine Rebuilding

  • Front-End Suspension Work

  • Exhaust System Work

  • Exterior and Interior Painting

  • Exterior and Interior Upholstery

san martin auto restoration repair emission test engine rebuild suspension exhaust system painting upholstery
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